:: Crocodile Dock ::

:: Last week Jacob attended his first Summer program "Crocodile Dock" through my parent's church Southgate ::

:: Our church Summer Camp doesn't allow 3 year olds to attend, so we signed Jacob up for Southgate's Camp ::

:: Here he is on his first morning of Camp ::

:: He went for one weeks straight every morning from 9 am - noon, it was a good process, with a few tears the first day and Mommy & Cole not leaving until 9.30 am but every day it got better and Jacob loved Camp day with Reuben, Lainey & Meredith ::

:: Thank you to all who made Crocodile Dock a fabulous memory for Jacob! {& Cole...Cole was right on in there and didn't want to leave, gosh, my two kids could not be more different!} ::


Candice said...

A perfect test for Preschool in the fall (is he still going ?)

J & B were the same. J didn't want me to leave at first, and B had NO problems..."see ya mommy!"

That looked like a great VBS. I'm wishing I had put the boys into something like that this summer. The first DAY out of school, they were bored. Oh the joys of boys :)

Shawna said...

Candice: I had heard that Southgate had an amazing VBS and it was SO true. The set was amazing, the halls were filled with vines and real wood docks just like what you would imagine! It was $20 for the whole week and well worth every cent!

Yes, he is still going to preschool and now I know that he'll do just fine going to it!

Ps. his language has also taken leaps and bounds since the beginning of the Summer, so hopefully preschool will just cement and encourage more of that!

Christy said...

Can you believe you have a bog big enough for VBS? Where has the time gone! Looks like he had fun...

Shawna said...

Christy: No, I can't believe I have a baby old enough to go to VBS - It's crazy but SO fun at the same time!

Anita said...

Looks like it was a blast! I can realate when you say your boys are so opposite... Joseph & Liam have some similarities, but when it comes to being left at an unfamiliar place, Liam will scream like he's in pain & Joseph will hardly say goodbye! That's great that they take toddlers at the age of 3... I just may have to consider it for Joseph next summer. :)

Laura said...

I've heard (through Jessi) that it's an awesome VBS! I'm glad Jacob enjoyed it :)

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