:: Ney Ney ::

:: Little Miss. Ney Ney {as my boys call her} came to visit us for the afternoon, what a fun little thing she is, she's such a happy mix of my brother and his lovely wife. This little love is so pleasant and easy to be around, she's just delightful! ::

:: Look at my boys checkin' her out ::

:: Grammie hosted a back porch picnic with all the trimmings including home-made blueberry ice cream! ::

:: The kids played in the wadding pool and just loved it! ::

:: Cole in deep conversation with Denay - ha ha ::

:: Christy also brought her Cousin Brittany {you can read Brittany's Mom blog here} along and we had a great time, sorry I just got a picture of your arm Christy and your leg Brittany, both extremities are mighty nice {wink wink} - apparently I was much more intent on taking pictures of the bathing beauties! ::

:: It was a great time to relax in the sun together and enjoy the company of family, isn't the Summer great for days like this?!?! ::


Lisa B. said...

Looks like the perfect summer patio party - and adding the wee girlie to the mix is always fun.

Cousin time....what great memories!

Nadine said...

What a party!!! I love their nickname for their little cousin, Ney Ney. That's a good one. They are all just so cute!

Crystal said...

I love it! I am loving Addy with her big boy cousins as well..its so sweet!!

Chris said...

Thanks for having my girlie for the afternoon! I'm sure she had much more fun than she would have with us!!!

Anita said...

Cute photos! Isn't it so neat to see how your boys are with a little girl around... I know when my girlfriends bring their baby girls over I can't help but wonder what family dynamics would be like with a girl around~ ha! But I have no intention of getting preggo right now. lol

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