:: The Bachelorette Episdoe No. 9 ::

:: So I have to admit, I missed the first half {aka: all the good stuff} as we were out looking at a future RV for us {which is still being discussed and prayed about} -- but I did get the down low on what happened ::

:: Here are my 2 cents ::

* I think that Reid & Jill are "just friends" material, but I don't think we've seen the last of him yet...poor guy he needs to learn to buck up and say what he feels!

* I thought Kiptyn was sure to be the one voted off the island this time around, but no he still there - I don't see what she sees in him, but Paul does, He thinks they will end up together.

* Ed, Ed brought his parents to Hawaii to meet Jill, oh boy! What brownie points he earned!!! I want it to be Ed & Jill in the end, he's my vote

:: What are your thoughts? I love that they are staying in the islands, it's truly one of the most romantic places on earth! ::


Jason and Kristin said...

I really liked Reid, and I'm sad he's gone. I felt like he totally had a right to not jump to the "LOVE" word since it has only been 6 weeks! Give the guy a break! I had wished him and Jill would be together at the end, so now I'm not sure. I have like Kiptyn from the beginning, but something tells me he has something that he's hiding. And Ed, just not sure about him anymore! Oh well - it will be interesting!

The Samy's said...

I really like Kiptyn, if I was her I would probably pick him. I think she will end up with Ed thou. In my opinion, you snooze you loose so I wouldn't give him a rose. Like come on, he left you to go back to work, and now he is sucking up to her in every way, and what is up with those green shorts!
I think that Kiptyn will be the next bachelor!!!

Jessi said...

I was a total Kiptyn fan from the start...until hometown dates and I have to say, I don't really care for his parents...but ED, I love him! I love that he is so in love with her already, heck, I knew I loved Dean minutes after meeting him, needless to say, we were engaged 5 weeks later!!! I think that Ed and Jill would make a lasting long couple and I love how his parents were so on board and emotional about it all! I'm happy Reid was voted off, if you can't tell a girl how you feel and you can't make a decision to save your life (he even said he was an indecisive person) can you imagine what being in a marriage would be like? She's a smart cookie and either Kiptyn or ED would be a great catch!

Nadine said...

I agree Ed's the one, but by the looks of the clips of the final episode, she is not even expecting what happens at the last ceremony.

By the way, that guy (oh I can't remember his name, the signer who just want publicity) is such a creep!! Everytime I see the clip of him leaving in the Limo talking about being the first one to make it with a Girlfriend, I get so angry!! I wouldn't let him be on "After the Rose" if I were her!!
(I don't know how I get so worked up over a TV show, geesh!)

Nadine said...

I really, really, really wanted it to be Reid. I just thought they had the best thing going between the three fellas. I just thought they had the best relationship because they were always talking and having fun. I don't know. There is something about Kiptyn that I don't like but I felt bad for him last night, he looked hurt when Jillian and Ed came back from saying goodbye to Reid. I think the "I love you" from Ed sealed the deal but I think he's already married, to his career!

Shawna said...

I really had no problem with Ed going home for his career. With the whirlwind time that the bachelorette is taped within and the little time the guys have to prepare for shooting it, I don't blame him one minute for leaving.

I think that it is a good sign that he is a provider and needed to take care of his first obligation - his job, remember by the time all this happened he had only "known" Jillian for 2 weeks!

I think it showed well for him to come back to ask for another chance, he took the time he needed to for his job and came back because he knew he had left something good. I don't blame him one bit and I hope that it works out for him and Jillian....I have high hopes don't I!??!

Kandis Wiebe said...

I think everyone deserves a second chance...just like Ed!! I think he is the best suited for her! I have liked him since the beginning!
Kiptyn comes from a home where his mother has to have everything perfect and she is a bit of a "control freak" so I don't think it would necessarily work for them!
Reid was a super great guy, but not ready for commitment...what she needs!
I can't wait to see the end....and to see how the guys respond to Wes next week!!

jamiedelaine said...

I LOVE REID. I think he is the only smart, cautious one. He said everything he was feeling, and the only thing anybody could EXPECT anyone to feel after 6 weeks.

Glad she didn't pick him.
I want him.

For real. ;)

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