:: Hint Hint Hint ::

:: I know I know, two posts in one day --- I'm living on the edge! ::

:: This post is more business than fun, I'm not sure if you know about this program so if you do, just disregard the rest of this post ::

:: I have many many many blogs I read daily - but I couldn't do this without a {life saving} tool that Miss. Jamie passed on to me called Google Reader ::

:: Jamie was over one day and actually set up my account for me, and let me tell you I now have 200+ blogs that I read {some of them I just scan} daily but it only takes me usually a half hour of my precious time ::

:: One draw back is that quite a few of my "real life" friends have blogs but they are private, thus the account is not able to be set up for viewing...so if you want to save some super time in your day by blog-hopping, here's a hint, get an account for Google Reader - you will wonder why you hadn't done it earlier! ::

:: It's a fabulously beautiful day today and I've got the whole day to hang at home with my boys, I've gone for my run, waved to the construction workers on my normal route {and I even got to go without the babes this morning & came home to a made bed and breakfast ready! Thanks again babe!}. So now I'm just going to catch up on some laundry, maybe read a little and enjoy the day - Happy {day after} Hump day to you! ::


Candice said...

Wow, I wish I had your motivation to get out for a run !

Oh, and it's Thursday, not Happy Hump day :) Thought I should tell you so you're not thrown off the rest of the week ! Luv ya !

Shawna said...

Seriously, it's already Thursday....I obviously missed a day this week :)

Nadine said...

Thanks for the tip! I've just loaded up my reader too. It's fabby!

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Nickie said...

Can't believe you didn't know about this before! Google Reader is FANTASTIC and saves so much time.

Another great thing from Google - iGoogle pages. You can customize your own homepage. I have my email, google reader, news, twitter and a quick link for writting blog posts on mine. So handy!

Shawna said...

Hey Nick -- I've been using it for over a year I've just never written about it...I finally got my mom's account set up and she's loving it too, so I thought I would make sure I shared ;)

Anita said...

I use google reader too and wouldn't be able to keep up with blogs if I didn't!

I haven't heard of IGoogle pages yet though, I'm going to check that out.. thanks for the tip Nickie!

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