:: Provision Sunday ::

:: So now I have missed two days of blogging -- oh life, how you get in the way of blogging! ::

:: Anyway, I'm glad I didn't post yesterday, not that I didn't have any provision to write about {because I have plenty} but I wasn't feeling anything in particular that God wanted me to write about :::: But today, I know what He wants me to write about, so here ya go! ::

:: I don't work in the traditional sense of being employed by someone, getting ready for work, packing a lunch, taking the kids to day care etc etc. I have not "traditionally" worked since I was 39 weeks preggers with Jacob our firstborn ::

:: I am SO blessed to not be working, but not working isn't ALL fun. I get to deal with the pressures of taking care of the house financially and as a SAHM {Stay At Home Mom} I take that charge very seriously ::

:: Spending money on frivolous things is not an typically an option in our home. Not that we go don't spend money on "wants" because we do. We just need to plan for them. We have been so blessed to have Paul work for really great companies that provide him with sufficient payment for his hard work. But at the end of the day neither of us are employed by the world but by God, maybe that sounds subservient - It's not like we think, "we're going to be good people so that God pays us well this month" but God is our provider at the end of the day, no matter what it looks like ::

:: We have gone through drought in our home where we have 2 cents left in our bank account for the next 7 days before we get paid again -- but it's at those times that "WithLove" comes into play. Now here's the provision part: whenever we're feeling a little tight {like last month, due to putting out $300+ for a wedding Paul's in} I find my influx in cake orders is immediately increased :::: Now, this of course could be called coincidence but it's not, it's the hand of God on our lives providing for us. Not only does He care about increasing our tangible financial income, He also cares about the cakes being timed right so that by me making them doesn't become a total upheaval of our home for a day or two! ::
:: I also have the blessing of Cranberry Creek {my Marms Company} that provides for our family from September - December and let me tell you that income is SO welcome around that time in our home as we celebrate two wedding anniversaries, 4 birthdays {three in our home alone} plus Christmas and all that comes along with that! :::: Although this provision happens often in our home, I'm still always surprised when it happens, I'm a slow learner what can I say!?!!? This isn't to say that I take every cake that comes my way, because I couldn't possibly but if I wanted to or needed to financially, I could --- See because God provides for us over and above, that gives me the opportunity to pick and choose what cakes I want to do ::
:: See so I do "work" just not in the traditional sense --- my jobs include shopping/buying wisely, doing cakes for "WithLove" and working {more traditionally} for Cranberry Creek ::

:: But no matter what I do {or don't do} to provide for our family financially, God's got our back and it's so great to know His provision is there for us - no matter what! ::

:: Here is the verse from my devotions yesterday - funny how it lined up with my Provision Sunday post! ::

| So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. there we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it. |

| Hebrews 4:16 |


The Samy's said...

Hey Shawna,
Thanks so much for you encouraging post. I am going through with Bobby right now if I will be able to stay home full time when the time comes to go back to work. In God we will trust and know that HE supplies all our needs.

On a side note, can you please email me your buttercream frosting recipe because I am doing my nephews cake for his birthday and can't seem to find the right frosting. lyshsamy@hotmail.com. if you don't mind that is.:)

Crystal said...

Thanks so much for this post..I cant even tell you how the timing is so right for me to hear this and be reminded.

Christy said...

Yay God!

jamiedelaine said...

So true. :) --p.s. Christy's comment makes me laugh.

Nadine said...

Great post, Shawna! I love seeing God move in such practical ways. I ditto Christy, YAY GOD!!!

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