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It's been stinkin' hot around here, we've been under a heat wave warning for the past two days and we're still gonna get hotter! The last time it was this hot was the Summer of 1998 {the Summer that Paul and I started dating - that was a long time ago!} ::

:: The heat is not conducive to completing tasks in a timely manner as it just s l o w s you down! I've been trying my best though as we've started planning for our new season of Women's Wednesday + cakes + showers + my babies + the house stuff + watering my flowers + Paul&Me time, ah, the list could go on for days! ::

:: I'm heading out to a book shower tonight for my sweet little niece Denay, and you guessed it, I'm making a book cake. I'm trying to get it done today in this crazy heat - pray for me! ::

:: I'm off to corral the kids and take them for a break to the grocery store -- stay cool today Lovelies! ::


Christy said...

I can't WAIT to see everyone tonight...love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm really going to have to stop reading your blogs from out west...here in Ottawa we are setting an all time record for rainfall for ANY month ever in Ottawa!!!! It's dark, cool & always rainy & then comes winter! Think of us when you're slathering on the sunscreen!! :)
Aunty Joan

Lisa B. said...

I wouldn't blame you or even laugh if you and the boys jumped in the freezers at Superstore - it's so crazy hot!

Can't wait to see pics of your latest creation.

Nadine said...

Love the quote, Shawna. Stay cool!

Kristin said...

Won't the icing just slide off the cake in this weather?

Shawna said...

Kristin: YEAH, it wasn't a pretty site when the icing slid off the cake just prior to the celebration!

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