:: Mr & Mrs. Ed ::

:: Well, it's old news now and I'm sure you've heard that Jillian {made me proud} chose Ed the other night when the Bachelorette came to an end ::

:: It was crazy drama, but it all ended well and they seem sincerely in love. I wish them only the best. Apparently they are planning on being married within a year ::

:: Well, we've still had a major heat wave here and it doesn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. We headed out to Cultus lake this evening just to have a dip in the lake. We packed a picnic dinner and headed out to the lake as soon as Paul came home. It was well worth it, the water was beautiful and the breeze actually felt cool on our skin, a welcome change! ::

:: Tomorrow I'm heading down the the US of A to do some shopping, but I'll be back here in the afternoon with pictures of our shower we held for Denay last night ::

:: Good night my Lovelies, hopefully we all sleep well in this heat! ::

:: XO : Shawna ::


Crystal said...

out in my neck of the woods..i don't blame ya, isn't the lake amazing right now!!

susan said...

Ed was "the one", I too was very pleased with her pick. Here's to a happy but very emotional ending!!

Lisa B. said...

Love Ed...so glad she chose him. Looking forward to hear that they make it "happily ever after!"

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