:: Lately ::

:: I have completely neglected my blog --- it has been a CRAZY few days. I have a tendency to over-pack my days, especially when Paul is home from work ::

:: We had so much on the go this weekend, we BBQ'd, swam, celebrated a birthday & housewarming, full filled a cake order, did hair for a wedding, the list goes on! ::

:: This past weekend was just the start of a very busy week to come. Paul's friend for life is getting married on Sunday, he's standing with him which means rehearsal dinner, plans for the day of plus I'm making the cakes for the special day - it's going to be a great week, but a crazy one! ::

:: I'm going try and get some posts prepared as to not break my 30 days of blogging {again} --- Here's to hoping! ::


Joanne said...

We all understnad...life is much more important than your blog. Don't worry about us...we will patiently wait for your next post.

Anonymous said...

sorry S...your blog called me and said you are fired...had great times with ya last weekend. Hope you are having a great week

Joanne said...

Okay, we are still waiting, but patience just left and said she wasn't coming back until you post something.

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