: Wednesday :

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't Wednesday's always creep up on you!??! I always wake up Wednesday mornings thinking "it can't possibly be Wednesday already!".

Wednesdays are good days -- but typically the busiest one of the week. I have Women by Design in the morning {during Cole's school hours} which I love, but means that I'm not just going to spray shampoo my hair and throw on my favorite LuLu's and Nike's...I'm going to actually put some sort of thought into myself as it's the one day that I get to interact with humans that are taller than 4 feet!

But along with it being one of my favorite days, it also comes with more time being needed on everything, my breakfast/snacks, getting ready, fixing the house prior to leaving so I don't come home to beds to make, dishes to do...which in turn makes Wednesday just that much more busy than any other.

At any rate, it's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods and thus it's a lovely day.

I signed up for a new study @ Women by Design this morning and I'm really looking
forward to it -- so much promise and hope washing across my January...it's gonna be good!Anyway, I better run here as "project organization" is still in full effect and I've got a few more minutes before I'm dashing out the door to pick up JJ!

Oh, but I must share one of my new "things I LOVE" ---- My girlfriend CJ told me about this fabulous tea, and F A B U L O U S it is! So fabulous I bought 2 boxes of it at our local grocery store this afternoon! Thanks CJ for letting me in on one of your favorite things!
Happy Wednesday all!


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Christy said...

Happy Wednesday to you dear sister!

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