:: Our Snow Day 2007 ::

:: Well our day started off as an early one getting ready to go and drop Jacob off at my parents then head to church for the morning...well, the weather had different plans. It took me over an hour to get to my parents place (usually 10 minutes) and so once we got here we just stayed here - we played, we baked, we drank coffee, surfed the web and ate. Paul came home early to miss the "after work rush" and then our friend Matt who was caught in the "after work rush" stopped in and stayed for dinner & dessert with us as it was just to crazy to sit for the traffic to clear. All in all, for an unplanned day - we had a very nice day! ::
:: The bEaUTiFuL Snow ::

:: Jacob helping us in the kitchen ::

:: Mom & I made Saskatoon Berry Filo Pastry Tarts ::
:: And I helped her stir up her "Cran-Ola" - My absolute favorite ::
:: Grammie & Jacob playing...he does have a play pen but the basket
seems to work just as well ::


Lisa B. said...

Thanks for sending Matt home with a couple tarts! Delish :-)

Sounds like you guys had a great snow day.

Canadian Kristin said...

Looks like the perfect snow day! And that baking......yum!

Candice said...

There's nothing like being "snowed in". Makes for a nice, relaxing day sipping coffee and watching the white stuff fall. Sounds like you had a great day after all.

Phil & Nickie said...

Yay for snow days! I didn't have to work yesterday because of it and it was SO nice to sleep in and have a bit of time at home. I still had to go to class in the evening, but at least I had time to study for it!

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