:: Almost There ::

:: Christmas is officially over at our home ~ At least for 2006! ::
I just finish re-decorating our main floor and I have moved all the presents up to the upstairs hallway to be delivered to the appropriate places tomorrow as the boys in my life are now sleeping :)

I have re-arranged our living room/back entrance area, changed artwork around, hung some pictures, re-arranged all of our everyday decor and I have cleaned every corner of the main level. And it only took 8+ hours :)
I have taken pictures but the camera is in my purse for tomorrow just in case we have any Kodak moments :)
I did take a break and watch a movie with Paul tonight called the "Cinderella Man" Ugh, what an incredible story ~ If you have not seen it, go and rent it! It had me crying at least 3 times and make sure you watch the bonus material all about the real-life "Cinderella Man".
So Good-Night all - I will show you the progress on our house at some point tomorrow ~ Enjoy your Sunday, the Lords day.


Canadian Kristin said...

I am impressed and motivated by your organizing and cleaning day!!! Way to go, Shawna! Will remember Cinderella Man next time I go to rent a video......

Amanda said...

Oh man it feels good! (I am not going to writ a long comment because I wrote it on my blog...)

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