:: Mish Mash ::

:: Life currently feels like a bit of a mish-mash; we've just started back to school - which while it feels good to be back into routine, it also means we're rushing out of the house every day. The house is in the between stages of having Christmas decor up and having it down. So currently I have no dining room table - along with taking down the Christmas decor, I like to re-decorate and re-organize. This makes the job 10x more fun, but more work too ::

:: We're also thinking of moving and thus putting our home on the market, not sure where we would move to or if we even want to move; but we are mulling it over and praying about it ::

:: We're also waiting for another snow day here in the lower mainland as of this morning they {the weather peeps, that is} said it was supposed to snow this afternoon. We have yet to see anything other than a little freezing rain. Boo! ::

:: Oh well, the boys are snuggled up in their beds still and quiet...Mr. L has fallen asleep watching some show on the discovery channel. So all is content and perfect in my world. I'm going to head to rest sooner than later too. This mornings routine came quickly and without warning, must try to do better tomorrow morning! ::

:: Blessings y'all ~ hope this year has been wonderful thus far - we're only 4 days in..it should be ;) ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Curious to see how this year unfolds for you... and where He may lead!

Christy said...

I just finished the post-Christmas-takedown redecorate! Feels SO good to use stuff that's been sitting my closet....Love to you!

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