:: Yesterday ::

:: Yesterday, yesterday was a bad day for me...no specific reason as to why it was. It just was. Too much schedule {this coming from the girl who loves to schedule scheduling} to my boys being at each others throats from dawn till dusk. To things needing to be back to "normal" and having no time to create "normal" - blah blah blah, you get the point ::

:: I'm generally a really positive person and thus not getting too down about anything, but yesterday I just couldn't shake this overwhelming feeling, feeling useless yet overworked and yet through that valley, I know that God is with me walking with me every step of the way ::

:: So, waking up this morning, I thought "ahhh, at least it's not yesterday" - Ha! I woke up feeling like a tonne weight was sitting on top of my head! But the party must go on, people must get dressed, beds made, snacks prepared, laundry completed...you know how it is! Finally though, my head ache is gone and I'm hoping some time alone with hubby for dinner will make me feel even better ::

:: Here's to new tomorrows and a large dose of patience ;) ::


Christy said...

Loves you sister! Know you're not alone in those days, ever....

Canadian Kristin said...

Rough days suck. Hope your time out with Mr. L was just the thing to lift your spirits!

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