:: Giveaway Weeeener! ::

:: Geez, your guesses were good...however most of you were way off! Ha Ha, I though it would be a super easy contest because you could see a slight reflection of the tulips in the bottom of the . . . ROASTING PAN! ::
:: Now you can see it hey?!?! You can see the flowers reflection and my camera to the right of the flowers ::

:: So, I'm going to give the lotion to the closest guesser ::


:: She guessed it was on the edge of the sink, which was closest as it was a metal object it was on and it was in my kitchen! Ha ha, I've got my own rules for all of this giveaway nonsense! ::

:: Congratulations Mo! Email me your addy and I'll be sure to get this to you ASAP ::

:: Hope y'all are having a better hump day then me, ha ha, mine has been a doozy! ::

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