:: Mother's Day 2010 ::

:: We had a great day in our home celebrating Mother's Day, my day started off with me running out to a store at 7 am, wasn't exactly my idea of fun, but it was a beautiful day so why not enjoy some peace and quiet while my brood was at home preparing for the day ahead and getting ready for church ::

:: When I arrived home there were two cards and a small bag waiting for me, as well as two very excited little boys! ::

:: I got two very sweet cards and another addition to my little blue box collection...a matching bracelet to my two "push" presents from having the boys in 2006&2007 :::: I LOVE it but unfortunately it didn't fit my viking size wrist! Ha! So it will have to be returned and the bigger size purchased, ah well, I love it! Thank you babe! :::: After church we headed to the local golf course to enjoy Mothers Day brunch, it was lovely and for the most part the boys were very well behaved ::
:: Here is my Marm with my SIL Lindsey :::: We enjoyed the beautiful blooms throughout the grounds :::: The boys took a walk down memory lane to the infamous pond..ha ha ha :::: Me and my boys :::: The boys entertaining themselves with their cars at the brunch :::: The plan was to go home have the boys nap for a couple hours and head off to enjoy the sunshine down at the beach. The boys ended up sleeping from 2pm - 3.30pm and then they both woke and ended up with me on the couch until 6.30 pm. Not really sure if going to the beach would have been nicer than having both my babes sleeping on me :::: I had such a nice time celebrating last night (with Paul's Mum) and today with my Marm as well as being celebrated by my boys ::

:: Marm, thank you for raising me to know right from wrong, to know who Jesus is & that through Him I can accomplish anything and to be a nurturing mother myself. I couldn't do life without you! My cup runneth over ::

:: Mum, thank you for raising Mr. L to be the wonderful Godly man he is, I am blessed to know you and to share in life's adventures with you. Thank you for taking me into your family those 11 years ago...y'all will never be the same ;) ::

:: My sisters, you are both fabulous examples of motherhood, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! ::


jamiedelaine said...

You're so cute Shawna. I miss you!

Cathy said...

I love these photos Shawna! You are so blessed xo

Joanne said...


Crystal said...

I can't believe the pond incident was a year ago...wow time goes by fast:)! looks like you had a great mommy's day though!

CJ said...

happy mom's day...so glad u had a good one! noticed you got the white hoodie too...i have been keeping my open for one for u...now i know your covered!

Christy said...

Happy Mommy Day!
You'll get your hug in June....that's all I've got :)

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