:: My Name is Shawna ::

:: And I buy my sunglasses from the dollar store. Why? Why would I do such things? Well, let me tell ya, they are just sunglasses no.1...no.2 I loose them...and if I don't loose them my children sit/stand/loose them. It's a hideous cycle ::

:: So here is my $2.00 pair of sunglasses I purchased from the dollar store, I could have gone to a more expensive joint and purchased some, but reality bites and my reality is that they may last for 5 months, but no further...cause see in this post, those lovely nautical sunglasses that I paid $15+ for aprox. 5 months ago - vamoose, gone, no where to be found! Ugh. Welcome to my life! Ha Ha Ha! ::

:: Okay, now I know that probably sounds totally cheap, as most people will lay down $45+ for sunglasses and I'm complaining about a $15 pair gone astray, well let me tell you. I can't handle seeing moola go to waste when I could have spent a 1/4 of the cost and lost the $2 pair just as easy! And yes, I'm frugal. That is a fact. So kill me. ::


Reb said...

that's such a great idea!

sunglasses get lost/stolen/broken too often to pay big money for them.

Christy said...

Cheap is good.
The end :)

Candice said...

..PLUS, you need the extra $13.00 to buy your Starbucks Cappuccino. haHA !!
I've seen some cute glasses at the $$$ store, so you go girl !!!

Rachel said...

I'm with you all the way!

Gary & Lynda said...

Uh yah, that happens in this house too. But I was going to go and buy some more "expensive" sunglasses, because the cheap ones hurt my head!

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