:: Hello There ::

:: No, I'm not mad at you, really I'm not -- Just among living there has been no time to hop on here and revel in the daily ramblings of thus said lived life! I have missed this old comfy place, so hopefully I'll be able to find some time to come back around these parts! ::
:: I don't know about you, but I love to see where people are when they are writing their blog posts...what their set-up at their desk (or couch for you lap top owning lovelies) is like ::
:: So I thought I would post pictures of what my little slice of life looks like as I sit here and write this...neat isn't it? To think that right now I'm sitting in that not-so-comfy wicker chair at my absolutely adorable desk we received (or stole..that, I'm not sure of) from my MIL ;) ::

:: Well, I better get off here and do something productive, but I seriously hope to be back here soon! I better be; today I downloaded the 12 million photos off my camera from the past 2 months of life, see you haven't been the only one neglected! ::

:: Xo, *S ::

{Ps. none of this was staged; this is truly what my desk looks like right now, I actually took the photos of my desk when I was walking over to download the 12million photos off my camera, ah, I tell ya, I'm just all about multi-tasking ;p }


Crystal said...

Shes alive!!!! Good to see/hear from you:) look forward to you comiing back!

Rachel said...

There you are! Good to see you.

susan said...

Missed ya!

Amanda said...

Missed you on here. I checked your blog often while you were 'away'! Love your desk. Wish mine was nicer....haha

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