:: Favorite's ::

:: Because I totally love learning about what people love, what they are all about, you know...what makes you, you...I thought I would share a few of my simple favorites {pleasures} with you today ::

:: Here they are all together, My favorite cup, my favorite tea & my favorite flower {in no particular order} ::

:: The tea I first tried when I was at my parents place, first of all it's green tea and I just LOVE green tea, secondly jasmine blossoms smell like Hawaii...and Hawaii is where my heart feels at home, so that's why it's my fave! ::

:: This is my favorite cup {mug}, I love it, if you ever come to my place you'll notice that it's always out, very rarely does it even hit the dishwasher as it's constantly being used. I received it as a gift from my SIL Jenn for Christmas two years ago along with some Starbucks coffee. I had oogled this cup in Starbucks but didn't buy it for myself, and I'm glad I didn't as it wouldn't mean as much if I just bought it for myself! Oh and the chip in it is from one of my kids throwing a sippy cup across the kitchen. Nice. ::
:: Now the lily of the valley, I first smelled lily of the valley when I was in London. And it has forever been etched in my memory that moment in time. I was on my way home to Hawaii from Albania and Kosova. Why I have lily of the valley is because my neighbour across the way gave me some of her shoots that were just going crazy in her garden. We had tried to transplant some last year and they didn't take, so you can imagine my excitement when I noticed the blooms coming up at the end of April...ugh, and the scent of it was outstanding! Geesh, God was so smart when he created the world! ::

:: Here's to a new day, a new simple pleasure and noticing things that make you smile and mean something to you! ::

:: Happy Wednesday Y'all! ::


Cathy said...

Loved learning more about you Shawna! I am going to have to try that tea now! I LLLOOOOVEEE Hawaii too.

I love the same flowers (for my wedding oodles of years ago, my sisters both had LOTV) the smell is amazing!

And, I loved that mug too. Never got one, now I wish i had.

Happy Wednesday! xo

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite flowers too! And the best part is that He is called the Lilly of the valley .... & that has sooo ministered to me. He is that exquisite & sweet fragrance & that thing of beauty that can be found in the valley experiences in our lives.
I just thought I'd share that with you...it makes my favorite flower even more of a favorite! Auntie Joan

Anita Grace said...

I have had that tea and liked it for the exact same reason too ~ the scent of the tropics will just about win me over to anything!

Have you ever smelt the tuberose flower before? I got a bit stem once for our home and the whole house smelt like the tropics ~ have never smelt the lily of the valley beofore so now you've got me curious about it. :)

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