:: Saturday Savings ::

:: So, you may have heard via the Facebook vine, or other blogs about "couponing" - not that it's an actual term but...it explains what it is! ::

:: Want to see what I can get for $7.62 (including 12% tax)? ::

:: Okay, so it doesn't look like very much but here it is broken down for you (with some items on sale!) ::

Snickers Bar $1.19 (I had a buy one get one free coupon) - I paid $1.19

Old Spice Deodorant $3.99 x 2 (I had $8 in coupons) - that makes these two items free

Pantene Hairspray on sale from $6 (who on earth would pay $6 for hairspray) for $3.99 (I had $7 in coupons) - I paid $1

Cascade Action Pack $5.99 x 2 (I had a buy one get one + $4 in coupons) - I paid $2

So all together I paid (without tax) $4.19 + $1.96 in PST + $1.52 in GST = $7.72 out of my pocket

Without my coupons this is what my total would have been: $30.32 + $1.96 + 1.52 = $33.80

{here is the picture of my bill to prove it!}
:: Get this my total savings was $26.18!!! ::

:: Now that is some killer savings! ::

:: Now since I've got you all oogling over my savings and of course you now want free stuff too...message me and I'll get you in contact with the girl that taught me how to do this ::

:: Here's to saving money and Saturdays! ::

:: XO, *S ::


Nickie said...

Good job! You should check out http://www.savingwithshellie.com/ It's done by a girl that I taught english with in Taiwan. She matches up coupons with in store discounts and posts it all on her blog, plus many other good deals.

Crystal said...

Good job! I have been pretty good at taking advantage of a few of these, and actually kind of now am a little obsessive about finding coupons and deals..I think its a great cheap hobby;) I have got a swack load of gilette ones ready to go!
well done though, well done!

Lisa said...

I went to Cami's party last night and am so excited to get started! Off to camp in the morning but next week I'm going coupon hunting!

Lisa said...

I have been dabbling for a little bit but always want to learn more!

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