:: Picnic Time ::

:: Since the boys had fallen asleep on Mother's Day and didn't wake up for what seemed like a year, all of the preparations that Mr. L had made were put back into the fridge. So I decided that I would throw a picnic for two of my most favorite boys, and oy, were they excited! ::
:: Look, even Woody was taken care of! He even had his own "wrap" aka: bread stick! ::
:: So great to see my little ones not fighting, biting, punching, hitting or kicking and just enjoying each other...currently it's a rare occurrence but it's one that's treasured! ::

:: Welcome to Spring! ::


Christy said...

Auntie misses those boys somethin' fierce.
Good call on the picnic!

Joanne said...

Love to see the boys having such a good time together....and Woody, too!

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