:: Happy Birthday Jordan ::

:: We celebrated my {much} older brother Jordan's birthday on Monday night with a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings @ Mom & Dad's place - it was a delish meal and we had a great time visiting with GG (My Mom's Mom) and Uncle Jord & Auntie Linds...oh and of course Grammie & Grampy :: :: Jordan is a great brother, very protective. I guess by nature since he is the eldest of the family ::
:: However I have to say he is a much better Uncle - does that sound bad, if so I don't mean it that way. But Jordan has being an Uncle all wrapped up...rarely does a week go by that he doesn't take time out to visit "#1" (jacob) and "bubba2" (cole), and on those visits he plays, chases and tickles Jacob, Jacob just loves it. Often times he also comes over with a gift, he loves anything miniature and if he finds something that he may wear in one of the boys sizes he buys it, for instance one of their many Christmas gifts was a polar fleece vest from the VPD - today was Jacobs first time wearing it and he LOVED it ::
:: Happy Birthday Uncle Jordie! You are a great Brother and a superb Uncle ::

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jamiedelaine said...

Aw, fun! I'm glad you are back blogging.

I LOVE Lindsey's haircut! Great bangs. I just read a feature on bangs like that in this month's Glamour. I feel so shallow saying I read Glamour! Haha.

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