Visitors tonight

Well so much for having a quiet night in with
Mr. McDreamy and Mr. McSteamy (neither of which are my husband).

My lovely friend Lisa also known as "Tante" to Mr. Jacob ( I have too many Lisa's in my life - so we had to mix it up!) stopped by and stayed for a snargle (this means cuddle) with Jacob and some tea. It was such a treat to see her mid week, usually we're lucky if we get to
see her on the weekend let alone in the middle of the week.

Good thing I was taping Mr. Dream &
Mr. Steam cause I would
much rather visit with Lisa than stare into the boob tube!

After about 45 minutes Grammie & Grammpie (My Mom & Dad) showed up - they had just been down to the States and had picked up some super cute items for Mr. Jacob from TARGET.

They bought him some cords, a long sleeve tee shirt
(which he needed so badly),a super cute sweater and these:

I think they are so cute...they are a size 2 so there isn't much room in them, but they will probably last him until Christmas (fingers crossed).

Well off to bed I go - I am running around tomorrow but I will do another post once I get my pictures from my Bro.

Good night my little world!

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