"Kicker Josh"

Who know's "Kicker Josh" - He's come up in two conversations with two different people today - Weird!!!


Jessi said...

You mean Josh Collins? What's he been up to lately?

Lisa B. said...

I'm sure he's flattered to be a part of your blog! LOL

Shawna said...

I dunno, that's the questionino of the night...Who is "Kicker Josh"???

I'm just kidding Jessi, yes I think his real name is Josh Collins and I have no idea who he is but he has come up twice in my little world today!

Amanda said...

I know Josh. Funny thing is we aren't friends...okay so that sounded bad! That wasn't the funny part, the funny part is that he had a huge crush on my about 4 years ago and thought that I was the 'one' but we had hardly even talked and I was so not interested! I had to let him down genlty in a letter because he verbally was not getting that he was not the 'one' for me. I am so mean! ha! Anyways, I don't see him around anymore...he was attending Southgate for a while.

Lisa B. said...

How funny, Amanda and I seem to have had the same experience with Josh...it's amazing how having a few words with someone can give them the impression that you're the one for them!
Ahhh Kicker Josh ~ you're one of a kind!

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