:: A knock @ the door ::

:: Last week, Thursday to be exact I heard a knock at the door... ::

:: When I answered I found a sweet little girl that I love so much holding this ::

:: Now this is how the story goes, I get a call on Wednesday morning by this sweet baby girl's mom asking if I would be able to help cut her and her sisters hair. Being the loving Auntie I am, I says "sure, come on over". They arrive all ready to have their locks trimmed....now I thought, surely I wouldn't be trusted to actually CUT their hair!?!!? Who would do that? I use Sun-In in my hair for crying out loud (oh, side note: sorry Candice, I just remembered you emailed...I will email you back asap)! Nope, it was all me. So my thought is "well it's just hair, It'll grow back if I ruin it too much!" ::

:: As you can tell by the flowers the hair cuts went well and both little ladies looked perfectly trimmed, they may come back, if they do, I know I've done a good job. If not, that's okay at least I didn't ruin it too bad! ::

:: My new blog will be www.shawnasccc.com (Shawnas cakes cards & cuts). Ha Ha Ha, I'm just joking! ::

:: Thanks for the flowers lovely ladies, they were not expected but so welcomed! The flowers came from my favorite little flower shop called Flowers & Co. and to top it off they included some freesia...freesia just smells like wedding to me. I love it! ::

:: I am blessed to be me and an Auntie...if only by love! ::


Anonymous said...

freesia was in my wedding bouquet and it always reminds me of our w-day!

Lisa B. said...

"Friends are the family we can choose".....so an auntie by love is just as special as any other kind of auntie!

What a great auntie you are.


Christy said...

What a blessing.......God truly rewards us ten fold when we give of ourselves!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the tip about blurb books. I think that is a great thing to do!!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful flowers! I have ordered flowers from there too! Go figure!!


Have a great day!

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