:: Pampered Chef ::

:: Here are a few pictures from the PC Party I hosted the other night - It was such a blast having all these women in our house...Each one of them is special to me and to have them all in one place was fantastic! ::
:: As far as the show goes, we had record breaking sales which in turn scored me a huge amount of free and discounted items. So thanks to everyone who came and to Kristin & Auntie
Carolee who couldn't make the night but submitted orders! ::

:: Side Note: I guess we are being fruitful and multiplying because there were 2 toddlers at the party (not including Jacob as he was at my In-Laws with Paul) along with 3 (very) pregnant women! Who says we're not doing our job!?!?!? ::

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for helping me spend money. I know my hubby really appreciates it too!

Love ya!

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