:: 33 Weeks ::

:: Yikes...I'm already 33 weeks!!! I'm feeling good though [I would normally say that I'm feeling great but I'm still recovering from this weekend] and I've just started to get excited about meeting this little one ::

:: We have our first meeting with our Doula on the 25th of September ~ By this time when I was pregnant with Jacob we had already had 2 meetings with her. That goes to show how things change from the first pregnancy to the second ::

:: I have a list of "to do's" before this one arrives - but all the same if this one rears his or her head before they get done, I won't worry about it ::

:: Here I am on Sunday @ my 33 week mark ::


Amanda said...

Shawna you look fabulous & beautiful! I can't wait to meet your little bun!

Canadian Kristin said...

You sure know how to rock a pregnancy, Momma! GORGEOUS!!!!!

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