: What I love Wednesday :

Wednesday; it doesn't feel like Wednesday. It should be Thursday.  Now if you know me, or you've been following my blog for a while I always find that weeks speed by, but for some reason not this week. 

This week is VBS at a lovely little local church :: Most of our buddies go to it, so it's filled with great biblical based education as well as a morning with their friends {and me with mine!}.  Cole doesn't do to well with me going  for the whole morning but he get's over it pretty fast and ends up having a great time. 

: Here they are on their first morning of VBS :

Anyways, on to my "What I love Wednesday" it's been forever since I have posted one so I thought today would be just as good a day as ever to start back up again!

I've been looking at getting this necklace for months, but can't justify the price for "fashion jewelery" but oooh, I love it! And I found one here for 1/4 of the price, mighty tempting!

 I've been using witch hazel as toner before bed and once I get up and I love it!  It's super cheap {as in $1 for a bottle} and it's helped my skin retain moisture, which in the Summer it easily looses!

Found these super cute shirts for my boys, daddy has a big pony polo and thinks the boys should have one too, and seriously they are SO cute, no!??!
The original owners of our home had a beautiful english garden. Since we moved at the end of September we didn't really know what was going to come of our garden, but the other day I walked out to see what I thought was a bush blooming with these lovely flowers.  I love fresh flowers {& free to boot!}
 You know those fancy-schmancy fruit & veggie cleaners that you can buy for upwards of $5/bottle?  Well I found out that using hydrogen peroxide mixed with water achieves the same!  So go to your local super market and avoid the fancy-schmancy sprays and get yourself a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide...I love it!
 And last but not least, I spent yesterday afternoon organizing our food cupboards {boy it was about time!} and can I say I just love a nice neat organized pantry!  It's the simple things that give me just pure joy {no joke!}
Well I'm off to attack another room that needs organizing, not sure which one, the laundry room or the spare room but since the sun is hiding behind the clouds today really there are no excuses! 

Later Lovelies! 


Anonymous said...

I originally saw that necklace on this blog: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/2012/03/necklace-and-jeans.html

She mentioned that she got her necklace on ebay for a fraction of the price. If you search it on ebay you can find it for even cheaper than she got it.

PS You might also love her blog for the hair tutorials, seeing as you always have such nicely styled hair!

Crystal said...

Hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning lots of stuff like washing machines and coffee pots too!

Anonymous said...

Found that necklace on ebay for $14.99 with free shipping. It is gorgeous!
Here is the link:

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