Cole's Preschool Graduation

Our littlest big boy graduated from Preschool at the end of June, it's amazing how two years goes by incredibly fast!  

We have loved his teachers and I've seen them almost every day for the past three years including Jacob's schooling there, so it will be odd to not see them come this September! 

Here is the graduate along with biggest brother
 Accepting his diploma and year-in-memories binder & cd from Mrs. Brenda, she was definitely one of Cole's most favorite teachers. He's cried at least 5 times {we're talking inconsolable tears} since he's graduated over missing his teachers, it's so sweet!
 Our family and the graduate with crazy monkey ears and a very put on smile {lol}
Things to remember...
Cole has a vast and deep vocabulary and knowledge of the words he uses ie) 
"that was the most fantastic end to a wonderful day" after watching the sun set
"Well I better go ask the humans" about wanting to buy back our old house
"that's phenomenal, just phenomenal!" about daddy bringing home a glazed doughnut for him

Cole wakes up at the crack of the day and goes hard, the first thing he says as he skips into our room is "GOOOOD MORNIN' aren't you SO glad I didn't come into your room last night?!!  I tried very hard to stay in my own bed."  When  I respond "but you did come in to our room", he then says "oh that's really too bad, 'cause I was trying SO hard to stay in my own bed" 

When Cole get's mad at Jacob his first response is to ask me to sell him {Jacob} and if that doesn't work he says he's going to find a different family, apparently we're really tough to live with! LOL

Coley, you capture the hearts of anyone who is blessed enough to meet you.  Your little brain works overtime at creating things.  You're amazing at praying from your heart and continually bless us with your love towards God. We pray as you walk boldly into grade school that you don't ever loose the passion you have for God!  
Love Always, Daddy&Mama


Joanne said...

Oh, dear Cole....Grammie loves you to bits! You make us laugh ALL the time!

Lindz said...

oh I loved reading this!! Put tears in my eyes! They sure do grow soo fast!!!

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