: Cole's Hospital Adventure :

Yesterday we had quite the day...it started by getting up {which let me tell you, after two full weeks of programs this was r e a l l y tough!} but the Amazing Race was waiting for us so we were out the door by 8.45 am. 

After the Amazing Race Cole wasn't well, he had a bit of a fever, was very teary and said his throat hurt when he swallowed water.  Then he began to complain of his neck hurting. All things pointing to meningitis I was not willing to ignore the symptoms and wait it out.  

I called the Mr. and told him what was happening and he confirmed that we should get our littlest checked out.  So then I called our doctors office and asked if I should come to them or just go straight to the ER, they said what I thought they would and that was to go to the ER as they can't do x-rays and blood tests.

So we met with Grampie to drop off big brother and then headed into the hospital.

I was so thankful that with a room full of patients waiting that we got bumped to the top priority as his fever was still high and they were concerned. 
We settled into our bed and waited to be examined which is difficult with a child who doesn't show his body to anyone "it's public mama" he kept on saying, aka, it's not appropriate. Oy! 

We have tests done to confirm that they don't think that it's meningitis {pee & blood} thank the good Lord, it wasn't {he's also been vaccinated against it but you just never know!} So we wait, he slept and I read magazines, kinda relaxing actually having to sit and read and be still. 

The pediatric doctor then came in and said that the blood tests didn't look good {oh no!} that he was waiting for a second opinion and we would have an x-ray in a little bit.  

This is what I sent to the Mr. -- he said that was the hardest thing to see, not knowing what was wrong but that they couldn't find what was wrong.
 Nothing showed up on the x-ray but they were still really worried about his fever, sore neck and some spots he has all over his legs that look very suspicious.  

Mr. L showed up just as the specialist was assessing Cole {this was the 4th doctor we had seen} and she decided that it looked like he had an infection somewhere {likely his throat} and that the fever was caused by this. The bumps and spots are completely unrelated.  

They are doing a throat swab and a bacteria culture of his blood to see if they can isolate the infection and to rule out any infection of the blood.  

But they are guessing that it's just strep throat, not anything life threatening. 

In the meantime they gave him a dose of antibiotics to see if that relieves some of the pain in the throat and a full dose of it to be filled out at the pharmacy. 

And today he seems right back to his normal self...full of vim and vigor!  We will get the news back on the blood sample and throat swab tomorrow so praying nothing shows up in the blood and that it's just strep throat! 

What a crazy day yesterday turned out to be!  Oh my!!!  But so thankful for healthy kids {most of the time} and for an amazing health care system.  We are truly so fortunate for all of the coverage and attention we received. 

Now today I must clean up the mess that yesterday did to my routine..ha ha, oh well, life goes on! 

Have a great one lovelies! 


Crystal said...

The fever and spots sound like roseola but the neck thing is weird and would have freaked me out too! The days when mama hood is so hard. Glad to hear he is feeling better though!

Bari said...

Sick kiddos are the worst :( Feel better Cole!

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