: Shopping Dollar Store Style :

I know, I know, what a silly thing to blog about!?!?  But listen here, I often have people surprised at our home income, surprised that we have money for the "extras" & the "treats" :: So I thought I'd let you all in on a little secret...but promise you won't tell nobody!?!  I shop at the dollar store, and not just one...multiple ones!  Oh my! {lol, can you sense the sarcasm!?!?}

Okay, so here are a few of the every day items {essentially the consumable items that we use and are thankful for but are not worth their $2.50+ price tag} :: Deodorant, I get mine & the Mr.'s at the Dollar Tree for $1 - full size, works like a charm!
 Liquid soap for every sink, we have 6 sinks in our home that need soap by them :: I buy the pumps for $1 & the refill for $1 - I started using soft soap when we moved to the new house, even though I love Bath&Bodyworks delish smelling soaps, how can I justify dropping $4 down the drain!?!? I buy these at Dollar Tree.
 Organizational bins :: With lids, without lids, for random items...I use them for the kids toys, in the pantry and as seen here under my sink to organize all my crap...I mean all my beauty essentials {lol}.  We all have these bins under our sinks with extra soap/toothpaste/tooth brushes/deodorant so when you're in your birthday suit you don't have to run down the hall to the linen closet or to the other bathroom to fetch that new bar of soap. I also buy these at the Dollar Tree for $1 with the lid.
 Granola bars are highly over rated, but they are a quick, easy and somewhat healthy snack for the boys when we are on the run out the door to church, school or another family outing.  These are made in Canada, bought in the States at the Dollar Tree {6 for $1} I typically even with coupons or sales can't even come close to buying these for any cheaper.  Such a steal of a deal! :: Also in this photo is a cute little box of kleenex, $1 @ the Dollar Tree..buying the Costco pack can't even touch the price of the Dollar tree even when it's on special!
 Specialty items, raisins are a treat at our home; especially when they are individual little boxes.  I get these at the Dollar Tree for $1 :: At the grocery store they are almost $3 for the same bag. 
 Shampoo for $1, Revlon eyeshadow $1.50 {sold in stores for $6+} and fake eyelashes $1.50, all items that we need, well kinda {lol, eyeshadow and eyelashes are not considered a need to my Mr...lol} I got these items at Dollarama in Canada, serious score!
 Mirrored frames $2 :: Can't get them for that on a discount shelf at HomeSense for that!  I got these at Dollarama.
 This one is quite funny, but I had to share :: boys briefs/3 pairs for $2 :: my kid doesn't care if he wears briefs or boxer briefs and a figure since one day will come and I will have to purchase the $5/pair underwear for him...I figured I would revel in the fact that for now he doesn't care and save the money...at least for now ;) :: they are fruit of the loom for crying out loud!  Who cares that I bought them from Dollarama {ps. walmart carries the same package for triple the price}?!!? LoL
 There are multiple other items I buy at the Dollar Tree :: jar candles, box candy {treats for camping etc}, tooth paste, tooth brushes, bar soap {all name brands too}, cleaning supplies like comet, dish soap, really the list is endless...I can easily go and spend $70 at the dollar store with items to keep the house running.  If I were to add up the cost of all those products from a retailer in a non-dollar store I'm sure my bill would surpass $130.00.  

There are some things you can't save money on; like heat, electricity etc.  I can't shop around for those items, they are what they are and we have to pay the bill.  However the extra items that we need in life I get to choose where I buy them and when I can save over $2 on most those items it makes a huge difference in our pocket book.  

I have only listed a few of the items we actually purchase at the Dollar Store(s) :: If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to drop me an email...I'm full of useless but money saving ideas!  Click on the sidebar for a link or email me at laderoutefamily@gmail.com

I'm off to write lists for our upcoming camping trips...oh joy! 

Have a lovely Thursday! 


Rachel said...

I like this post...I need to visit our dollar store more often. I have found that we now have a fairly decent one off of Marshall Road.

Carmelle said...

We only have a Dollarama in our area and I often find treasures there too! Sometimes its a one time find, you never know. Heinz tomato soup sells there for 2/$1 and the only other grocery store in town that sells the Heinz brand sells for .89 each! Love deals - thanks for sharing, maybe more installments to come!?

susan said...

I NEED to find better ways to save money - thanks for the Dollar Store tips! Will have to pay attention better next time I go.

Rachel said...

Parchement paper is a good deal at our Dollarama.

Kristin said...

I often wondered if the consumables and food products were old or broken or expired... you say no? That's good to note!

Candice said...

I KNOW that your love for the $$ store runs deep..and I love that about you :o) One trick I use with my soap (because with kids, you go through A LOT of soap) is I buy the Softsoap but put about 3 cm in the bottom of a "foam dispenser" soap bottle. I fill the rest of the bottle up with water and there ya go. Soap for days....

Rebecca said...

sweet deals! :) thanks for sharing :)

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