:: September is HERE! ::

:: Well it's finally here; September! ::

:: I was thinking it this morning and I think that if I had a favorite month it would be September, I love the crispness in the air, the sun that is out most days, the low fog that creeps through the neighborhood, the dew that falls on the lush green plants, the smell of vanilla candles as I have a tendency to light more candles once September arrives. Let alone the fabulous occasion of celebrating our wedding anniversary, September makes for just a very wonderful month in my books! ::

:: We have pulled almost all of our flowers out of the flowerbeds and cleaned up the edges ready for most of the plants to go dormant for the Fall and Winter. I love the end result: clean and tidy - It does my heart good (I know I should be on some kind of medication!) ::

:: I love the shadows that the sun casts across the yard through the trees, for some reason the sun in September is more romantic and somewhat more refreshing than it is during the summer. It must be the crisp air that makes it so, no matter what does it...I love it ::

:: I have started putting away summer clothes, to pull out the jeans and turtle necks, not that they are necessity yet..but oh I love them so ::

:: For some reason September feels more like the start of a new year than January does. It just seems that everything gets re-set after the summer, schedules return to normal, the sun fades away earlier and life seems much more settled. It isn't more settled, it just seems that way. Isn't it funny how the seasons can make you feel a certain way? ::

:: I'm sure that is the way God intended it to be. Hope you are enjoying this month as much as
I am ::


Rachel said...

September is my favorite month too.
Cool air, warm sunshine...it can't be beat!
We also celebrate our wedding anniversary this month and now we'll have a birthday to celebrate as well.
Could you come over and clean up my flower beds? :)

hyatt4 said...

I certainly have a brand new appreciation for this month after reading your post! Although I do miss the Langley version of this month, it does kind of feel like a time to get re-organized and start fresh... must be a lingering back-to-school mindset:) I love the baby in the sink picture, by the way! And it's good to "see" you again:) - Nicole:)

Dustin and Chelsey said...

Good for you for stopping and smelling the roses. YOu're always so inspiring in your blogs. ANd thank you for your encouraging words on mine. It's so great to have friends and family that support you! I love you cyber-friend! hhehe.

Lisa B. said...

I agree - September is a great month, for all the reasons you listed plus, the Pumpkin Spice Late at Starbucks! A definite fall must have :-)

Lucy said...

I came across your blog when I was searching for pictures of children's playrooms... I was in the middle of redecorating my kids' playroom and needed some inspiration. We seem to have a lot in common... I love making cards, baking and taking pictures. I live in San Diego and I am a SAHM of 4 kids under the age of 6! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. You take beautiful pictures...

Amanda said...

I agree that September is a great month for so many reasons but March is my fav because of OUR anny and my baby was born that month! ha ha! Looking forward to enjoyng this month though!

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