:: Old House New Look ~ Part One Explained ::

:: So as previously stated in this post our living room & dining room is pretty much completed {only after a whole year of living here!} ::

:: I also said that I would be back to break down the cost of everything in the room so you could see that I actually didn't break the bank on decorating it ::

:: So here goes ::

:: Twigs in galvanized pot w/ Lantern - Twigs $20/Pot $10/Lantern $7 = $37 @ Ikea ::

:: China Cabinet - Free! There is a story that goes along with this one...My Grandpa died and we were moving my Grandma into assisted living home, so she had to get rid of her dining room table and china cabinet. My younger brother said he would take the table & I said that we would take the cabinet. I told Paul to go pick it up with our truck. He headed over to my Grandma's place and called me from the garage. The conversation went something like this:

S :: Hello
P :: Hey it's me
S :: Hey you, are you at Grandma's
P :: Yeah, I'm in the garage.
S :: Is there a problem with the cabinet?
P :: Yeah.
S :: Oh, what's wrong???
P :: Have you actually seen this thing? And you still want it?!?!
S :: Yes, yes I do!
P :: You are sure?
S :: Yes, I'm positive.
P :: Okay, as long as your sure!

:: So Paul came home with the wood veneer & plastic china cabinet that was once my Grandparents and we placed it in our garage. One quick trip to Revy and one can of black paint and some primer quickly fixed the ugly cabinet into a fabulous piece of furniture that I love to have in our home and call my own :::: Okay, so it wasn't technically free, it was $40 for the black paint and $10 for the primer plus a bit of elbow grease. Total = $50 @ Rona
:: Coffee Tables - $300 @ Ikea. These tables were originally a maple colour which I had never really LOVED but I did love the shape of the tables, so when we found these tables @ Ikea when we were engaged we couldn't pass up the deal. We got a sofa table, large coffee table and two large side tables for $300. A couple years ago after I finished painting the china cabinet there was tons of paint left over so I decided to paint two out of the 4 pieces of furniture that we use. The sofa table is currently in our entrance way and I have yet to paint it {probably won't be black} and the second side table is in our crawl space as we currently don't have space for it! Total = $300 @ Ikea & some elbow grease ::

:: This picture also features our area rug - We purchased this rug @ Home Sense {even though it was quite a fiasco...read more here}. Rug = $179 @ Home Sense ::
:: Accent Chairs - $129 @ Superstore x 2 = $260 {and they have yet to fall apart, ha ha ha} ::

:: The Drapes & Rods - JYSK {In our family we call this store "J"unk "Y"ou "S"houldn't "K"eep, but sometimes they've got GREAT junk!}, okay I digress...back to the drapes. Drapes $12/panel x 4 panels = $50 + $8 for the two rod packets {including the hardware - Ikea sells each piece separate so it end up being about double or triple the price of JYSK's deals} So all in all....Total = $70

:: If you come into my house you will probably be able to find at least one thing in each room from my Grandma Rosie {My dad's Mom - the same Grandma that gave us the cabinet} - Here are a few of her items that I have inherited. So in essence they were all - FREE! ::

:: Mirror {was originally gold, I spray painted it w/ Paul's car spray paint (it's actually a primer but you can't tell). Mirror Total = Elbow Grease ::

:: Antique chest {This is probably my most cherished item of furniture in my house}, this too is from my Grandma. It was my Great Grandma Cooks and I inherited it from my family. So you want to know what I keep in it? My purses, yep...you got it, my purse collection fills up that whole thing! You thought it would be journals, photo albums or something like a keepsake in there..no, no wedding dress in this chest, just purses! Antique chest Total = FREE ::

:: Lamp - We received this lamp as part of the a three lamp kit that we got from some of my family members for a shower gift prior to getting married - it's broken partially but still works. I love it cause it's such a simple design and doesn't take away from anything else in the room. Lamp Total = Gift, so it was free ::

:: Pear, Clock & Fern filled Pot - Pear I got from my SIL Jenn for my birthday last year and I just love it, Clock I got from my Kindergarten teacher for a wedding gift {it has a stand that it sits in but I'm currently using that as a recipe book stand in my kitchen}, Fern filled pot I have had this since I was a single girl living in my parents house, I got the pot from Ikea for $5 and I think I stole the ferns from my Mom's place, I probably took apart an old arrangement she had condemned to the basement {thanks Mom!} . Decorative Items Total - $5 @ Ikea :::: Coffee table decor - This Bible is Paul's Grandpa's bible from Boys Brigade, as well as a dictionary from my Nanny's place and a Bible that was my Mom's when she was little, is it bad that three of the four things in this dish are just taken without asking and two of the three things are bibles!?!?!? Hmmmmm...anyway, my point being, I love things that others have well loved ::

:: The other items on the coffee table are a vase filled with rocks {free from my bro's wedding} and our family photo album from 2006 ::

:: Coffee table decor = Pretty much free ::
:: Wall Collage - Frames $40 @ Costco, prints $24 @ Costco. Total = $64 ::
:: Other coffee table decor - Lamp again gift from family for wedding shower, books taken from my parent's place and Grandma's {I know, I know...I'll pay for it!}, fake flowers I bought these prior to getting married from Winners for $5, frame from Kevin & Steph and filled with old photo's of Paul and I when we were babes {little kids = we're still babes, just for the record!}. Coffee Table Decor = $5 ::
:: Dining Room Table/Paintin & Chandelier - Table -$300 on Craigslist/Painting - $90 @ Ikea/Chandelier - $60 @ Costco. Total for dining room set up = $450 ::

:: Mirror - I inherited this from my parents, if you read my Mom's blog you will remember this post of them re-doing their powder room. They had a bit of an oops and this mirror dropped. It got cracked on two corners and some of the glass was damaged and it has some etching in the middle of it. However, my dad fixed it up real nice and so they offered it to us and it was free so we took it and hung it in our dining room. Mirror = FREE ::

:: So there ya go, that's the verdict on the living/dining room - oh and as for the couch, we have a couch set that we have divided between the family room & the living room - we paid $1500 for both delivered & scotchguarded prior to getting married. We bought them @ MJM furniture during one of their tent sales ::

:: I would tell you what colour paint we painted this room, but for the life of me I can't remember! ::

:: Well I hope you have enjoyed my explanation of how I decorate and do not fear if you invite me over I will leave your old books, chests and flower arrangements alone! ::

:: Have a great one everyone, I'm off to bake cookies, pay some bills and fold some laundry - Oh joy! ::



Amanda said...

Wow that was quite the explanation! *grin*
You're such the bargain shopper! Nice work!

Amanda said...
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Jennifer said...

Looks great shawna!

Thank you so much for the amazing cupcakes!!! YOu are so sweet and thoughtful :) We took the cupcakes to a friends house for dinner Sunday night and we all ooohed and awwed over them all night ;)

Lisa B. said...

You are quite the creative lady - I have to give you that, my frugal friend :-)

The Samy's said...

WOW! You are amazing!!!

Crystal said...

Hey now, I love my Jysk furniture:)hehe

Anonymous said...

so what room are you going to show us next?!?!?

Sharukh Khan said...

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