:: Old House New Look ~ Part One ::

:: I've decided to start a new series on my blog. We have been working on our house since we moved in at the end of April 2007. Most of the major work was done in the first 6-8 weeks of ownership but since then we have polished and made the finishing touches to the place we call home ::

:: So here is the first of many posts - the Living & Dining Room ::

:: This is the original state the Living & Dining was in when we walked through it in February ::

:: This is what it looked like on Saturday night before the finishing touches & in the middle of us (aka: Paul) putting up the drapes ::

:: And here is the living room pretty much finished ::

:: And dining room again pretty much finished ::

:: This is our new table (as of April) that we found on Craigslist for $300 - such a steal as it's an original Broyhill (don't ask me, but I've heard it a great brand). Still don't know if I'm going to paint it or leave it original. At any rate, I love the style of it...my one thing I wanted was tall ladder back chairs for the tall boys I'll have in this house and the many meals we'll get to share around this table ::

:: And here is the view from the entrance to the dining & living room ::

:: So all together from the original pictures we made the following changes ::

~ Removed carpet and replaced with laminate flooring
~ Painted walls (touching up took longer than painting)
~ Painted baseboards
~ Replaced blinds
~ Added curtains
~ Painted railing black instead of the white it was originally


jamiedelaine said...

beautiful! you make me smile. i love the "us (aka paul)--so that's what husbands are for, hey?

susan santos said...

Looks like you made a "house" a "home" - it's beautiful Shawna. It has a cozy, put your feet up on the couch, cuddle in with a blanket and a good book look.
Wanna come put some finishing touches on my house?? I'm feeling a little inspired...hmmm...

The Samy's said...

Can I rent you? Bobby and I are in the process of trying to do some renos as well, so I will need some help ;)

Nurse Nickie said...

Wow! It looks so good! I envy people that can look at a room, and figure out what to do (ex/ paint, flooring, fixtures) to make it look better. I certainly don't have that gift!!!

Crystal said...

Ummm..I like how Paul's bum ended up in the photo, good job Shawna:)

Rachel said...

Well done...you have beautiful taste.

Shawna said...

Thanks ya'll for your comments and compliments...it has definitely been a work in progress!

One thing I do want people to feel is that they can be comfortable...our home is to be lived in so thanks for that comment Susan...I take that as a compliment!

Crystal...I knew you would thank me for that pic ;)

FYI::I'm going to post a broken down account of how much each piece of furniture/accessory was that is in this room. Just so ya'll know that I didn't break the bank for the design elements!

Jennifer said...

So nice!! Maybe when we move to Alberta you can come design our place for us ;) I'm seriously handicapped when it comes to interior design!

Carolee said...

So fresh and lovely! And, speaking from experience, very comfy!

Carrie said...

Hi Shawna...had a little peek into your blog today & I love the look of your living room & dining room. Looks great & so inviting! We just moved & I have been decorating...such fun!!!!

Cathy said...

I really love what you have done with your home. It is beautiful, warm and inviting. Just like a reflection of you and Paul! And your gorgeous little guys!

I look forward to your next segment on here!


Laura said...

No question, my friend - you have a gift!! You have a beautiful home... not just a house :)

Amanda said...

Looking good lady!

Amanda said...

Looking good lady!

Kelly said...

Your home is lovely!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

Christy said...

Man...a girl misses A LOT in two weeks. This is my comment for all the posts since we left. Looks like life is busy and wonderful as usual! Thinking lots about you guys and hope your having a great summer! Much Love! XOXOX

Lisa B. said...

Looks beautiful....drapes always seem to finish things off so nicely.

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