:: So much to blog...so little time! ::

:: Hey Ya'll! ::

:: I hope you're having a great summer thus far. We have been having quite the busy season in our house - Life just seems to be taking off on us. It's all good, but it feels like such a balancing act and sometimes I don't have control over it and that bugs me! ::

:: Picture take @ Cultus Lake two weeks ago ::

:: Anyway, as I prepare for my week I'm going to try and post a whole schwack of posts that I have written but have yet to publish ::

:: Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy wherever you are at in your life ::

:: xo - Shawna ::

1 comment:

Dustin and Chelsey said...

Adorable! He is so cute. I know how busy life can get. Especially in the summer. Well you seem to keep it really balanced and your blog is a way to keep everyone connected.

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