:: Flipping Out ::

:: Okay, so here is a confession...I am ADDICTED to the show Flipping Out ::

:: I'm talking the world has to pretty much blow up for me to miss watching this show. It is about a design team that works with Jeff Lewis and I LOVE IT!!!! ::

:: The actual business is Brown Design ~ their design taste is oh so lovely and I wish...if this life were a perfect one and I had pillows that needed to be fluffed {my pillows are all fiber fill not feather...I'm not at the feather place yet ;-)} I would get Jeff & Ryan to help me design my home. Oh and another small problem would be the money, but if life was perfect money wouldn't be an issue! ::


jamiedelaine said...

I watched this for the first time yesterday. I was a little grossed out, because the girl stepped on a big nail in her little black flats and blood was a gushin'. I was also on my laptop, so pretty much gushing blood was all I got out of the episode. I may have to tune in again sometime. ;)

Lisa B. said...

My lips curl up when I watch this show!!! So funny...can you say BOTOX!!!!!!!

'Tis great for a good laugh.

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