:: I Like ::

:: If I were American, which I'm not. But if I were, I would choose her ::

:: I could be mistaken for an American, and I wouldn't mind. I find they are loyal to God & their country. I love that they are not afraid to stand up and state what they believe. That country has such amazing pride {sometimes a good thing, sometimes not} ::

:: Not that I'm a political person {cause I'm not}, but I do my due dillegence to vote and stand up for who I believe will make the best choices for my country and for the future of my family ::

:: Again, if I were American, I would choose Palin -- I like her. A lot ::

:: Tune in later for another post today - wow, two posts in one day...hoo ha! ::

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Nickie said...

I like her too! She has certainly made this campaign interesting. If only I could vote. Maybe I'll be able to vote by the 2012 election.... Palin vs Clinton? Reporters are already joking about it!

Jessi said...

I can't say that I love her...but she's good. My only concern is the fact that McCain isn't the youngest guy and I really don't think that if need be, she's in any position to take over the presidency, not to mention that she's only goverend over 650,000 people. But that's just my opinion...she loves her family and her country...and that might just be enough.

Anonymous said...


Shawna said...

Dear Anonymous,

I entertained your link, I watched it. I laughed at the first things Damon said was "She could be president..." & "I don't even know her"! Good gracious, we each have our opinion and no matter how much or little you know someone they can surprise you all the same.

If you choose to remain anonymous, that is fine. My personal opinion of leaving a link like that under the "anonymous" title is very very sketchy...at least I have the guts to put my name on what I believe and have my opinion.

I don't care what other people think or have an opinion on or not on. That is why I wrote what I wrote. Have your opinion, at least stand beside your opinion.

I'm all about freedom of speech, but be in the light when you state your speech and stand strong in what you believe.

Joanne said...

Bravo! Great response, Shawna.

Bob said...

Well said Shawna. Who is Matt Damon anyhow? I'm mean, really! We are supposed to respect a person who exhibits absolutley no respect for people that disagree with the liberal attitudes of Hollywood. I don't see him presenting a viable, righteous alternative for VP. He also has McCain dead and in his casket. So much for all the cancer surviviors out there. According to Matt Damon you are non-productive and have no real worth, after you have survived a serious form of cancer. But you are a good ACTOR, Jason Bourne!

Christy said...

I've got to totally disagree....But I agree on how patriotic Americans are and how much they love their country. Plus their election is WAY more exciting than ours by far!

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