:: General Update ::

:: I've been drowning {in a good way} in work of all sorts, that is my reason for not being around these parts ::

:: Here's a quick update before I change the sheets on Jacob's bed {he wet through last night} and before I pull out dinner for tonight, have my morning java and get ready head to the office ::

:: COLE ::
:: On the baby front; Cole has finally broken skin on his new bottom teeth {praise the Lord!}. He is also almost walking...he'll take 3 - 6 steps by himself from place to place. It's a whole new world for him and he's trying desperately to keep up with big brother Jacob ::

:: JACOB ::
:: Jacob is starting to use words more and has found a new love for reading, especially before bed. We had started having a really tough time getting him down to sleep last week and this had never been a problem. So we thought about it one night after it took him 2 hours to fall asleep and I figured that he just needed to have more of a "cool down" time after a long afternoon of playing. We were right. Some cuddles on the couch and then a bible story prior to bed was just the thing. He settles right into bed and reads the story with Daddy {Mama doesn't cut it for reading stories apparently!}. It is delightful to see him so interested in books and what they have to say. He is really growing up in front of our eyes, and it brings us such joy ::

:: Website Recommendation ::
:: I have tapped into a resource of many very dependable recipes from another blog I read and I thought that ya'll might be able to use this resource as well....they are amazingly dependable recipes and oh so yummy! Here is the link to "Mennonite Girls Can Cook". Let me know if you try any of the recipes out and what ones you liked best! Although I'm sure they are all AMAZING! It's kinda like having an old church recipe book at your fingertips. Gotta love it! ::

:: WORK ::
:: Currently I'm occupying my time during the day @ Cranberry Creek getting ready for the new season of shows and samples. During this time my kids come with me to the office {aka Grammie & Grampie's} and surprisingly I get a lot of work accomplished! In the evening I'm working on our kick-off event for Women's Wednesday coming up on September 17th. I am also committing to a new exciting chapter of my life and work life...stay tuned for more details on this in the next few weeks ::

:: Guest Post ::
:: I may have a guest come and drop by my blog, stay tuned to see what that is all about! ::

:: Have a wonderful day, the weatherman says it's going to be crazy warm here today. Yay - Three cheers for September weather! ::


Rachel said...

Every recipe I have tried from the Mennonite Girls has turned out fabulous! It's an excellent site if I do say so myself :)

I love this weather....isn't it great?!

Dustin and Chelsey said...

Hey girl. Sounds like you're a busy woman. Good to hear the teeth are through...HALLELUJAH!!! That's awesome that Jacob is so interested in books, what an amazing thing for his mind and not to mention, daddy time! Hope you and yours are doing great, as it sounds you are!

Coby Jordan said...

thx, for the update shawna...time flies, we miss you guys and have to get together soon. maybe after your women's ministry kick-off, cause i'm sure you will be crazy busy until then. mj's mom's friend, vera, said that you are doing an amazing job and her generation of ladies appreciates and admires it!! lots of love & blessings, cj

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