:: Bigger Things ::

:: As I sit here in the comfort of my home reflecting on what this day means, I'll leave you with a few photos ::

:: I remember where I was at when I heard that this had happened, it was a terrible day. Horrible. I still get pains in my chest when I see these pictures. I can't even begin to comprehend. I pray for all still affected, especially today :: :: It's always hard to try and wrap your mind around what we would do if a hurricane were to rush through our part of the world. How would I pick up and leave my comfort, my home? There are thousands doing this right now in Texas. I pray you find safety with your family and I pray God turns the hurricane and the weatherman is wrong {why can't he be wrong for a good reason this time?} ::

:: Praying for the major & minor things in life tonight. Good Night ::

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