:: Itching for it to be here ::

:: Seriously, is any body else got the itch to break out all the fun fall decor and get the freezer filled with yummy comfort foods??? ::

:: I'm excited, and yet, Paul says it's too early to put up my decor! Ah shucks! ::

:: Can you tell I'm stalling...I have to work, don't feel like working. So I'm here. Stalling ::

:: There was a comment left on this post asking what room I'm going to do next in my house? I'm going to pick apart my laundry room...I heart my laundry room. I don't love it, it's a postage stamp of a room, but I've done the best I could with it and it's turned out just perfect for me ::

:: So stay tuned for that feature, and FYI I just might {might} being the operative word have a ASAQD next week, so be prepared people! ::


Rachel said...

My laundry room could use the Shawna touch. Maybe I'll take a picture and ask you for suggestions!

I love fall too...really REALLY!
Now I'd love a caramel apple and some popcorn.

Canadian Kristin said...

I vote for fall decorations!!!

We're currently building a new laundry room and I cannot wait until that project is complete!

Mmmmmmm........caramel and popcorn and apples, oh my!!!! Did you ever do the thing where you dip the apple into caramel and then dipped that gooey caramel apple into broken, toasted almonds...and then drizzled chocolate over the whole thing.......YUMMY!!!! Thanks to Rosie O'D0nnel for that little recipe! ;-)

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