:: Another Update - Sunday 5.30 pm ::

:: Here is the latest on Harper's condition from one of Kelly's close friends ::

:: "I just talked to Laurie, who has been in Tulsa with Kelly and Scott. Things are better. The nurses gave them a good report. She said Harper's vitals and oxygen levels are the best they've been. Praise the LORD!!! Obviously she still has a long way to go and no one knows how long that road is but this is good news! Kelly and Scott feel very hopeful!!" ::

:: So that is amazing news! Thank you for continuing to pray! ::


Anita said...

That's awesome to hear! I too have been reading Kelly's blog and praying for their family and I'm excited to see the miracle that is going to take place for them all for God's glory!

Oh yes, and Happy Bachelor tonight! ;)

The Samy's said...

Oh thats such good news! Praise the Lord. The power of prayer.

Anita said...

Whoops... I'm one night early, ha!

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