:: Yesterday ::

:: Since my Fall was so hectic I didn't get a chance to plant bulbs that we received as an Anniversary gift from my parents ::

:: So yesterday I got the inclination to see if I could plant them. I googled my question and it was stated that yes I could plant my lovely bulbs. Yes! So what did I do yesterday afternoon on a balmy January day, I planted bulbs, a little later than usual. But hey, at least I planted them! ::

{Image courtesy of about.com}

:: Now let's see if they bloom! ::

:: Side note: I was really happy this morning when I saw icicles in the dirt, looks like I got them in the ground in the nick of time {ha ha ha} ::


Christy said...

Yay bulbs! Be sure and post pictures when they emerge in all their glory!

Nadine said...

Humm, I think you might have given my bulbs a second chance. I didn't know that I could still plant them. Maybe this weekend, weather pending, I might be doing some January planting too!

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