:: Paul would kill me...::

If he knew I was up blogging, however the house is quiet and I had a rest this afternoon, so I thought I would sit and blog into cyberspace...but I should be in bed as my littlest one will be up sooner than later to feed and I can't pass that responsibility over to Paul (too bad eh?) So I will end this blogging fest to go to bed...hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a some photo's of the last couple days of Christmas celebrations. So fun!

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Canadian Kristin said...

YAY......thanks for the all the updates......no, we won't tell Paul what time it was, will we!!!

HOW CUTE is your baby....how amazingly, wonderfully huge those eyes are....better for taking in all those lovely Mama-smiles, I think!

So glad you guys are over the sicks and on to the Christmas festivities!!!!!

You ARE an amazing woman, Shawna L....God did good when He made you!!! Keep on, my friend! :-)

Sending you a huge Christmas hug, and some extras for all those boys in your house!!!!

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