:: Celebrations with Michael & Coby ::

:: We had a fabulous time with Michael & Coby the other night enjoying great conversation, food and laughs in front of the Christmas tree...thanks for a fabby night guys, glad we get to do it all over again in another week (here's to planning Coby!) :: :: Family time after Jacob was sleeping ::
:: Delish dinner - us girls were happy we just didn't have to prepare anything :::: Our big boys getting ready to take a tour of Michael's new backyard (we hadn't seen it since they finished the landscaping)...Michael has an affinity to rocks just like Paul ::
:: Cole enjoying a nap on the couch ::
:: Prior to Kylee and Jacob going to sleep they had a blast cuddling and kissing on the family room floor - it was hilarious! ::
:: Sweet little Kylee ::
:: Yum Yum ::
:: our wonderful friends M&C ::
:: Merry Christmas M&C - Can't wait till the 29th! ::
:: Ps. You'll have to let us know how the MC gig went!?!?!? ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

The best thing about Christmas has got to be all the extra time with friends!

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