:: Kids Clothes = Provision ::

:: Okay, so obviously this isn't "Sunday Provision" -- I'm a few days behind on the "Sunday" part...and this is why I was so delayed on my response from my bloggy birthday contest. My Saturday was a complete write-off! ::

:: So my girlfriend Lisa & I headed out early Saturday morning to our local kids swap -- We were there for door opening and had to pay an extra $4 over the regular door charge {we got in an hour early}. And boy was it so worth it! Both of us had lists of "needs" and individually we each prayed about our lists and asked God to meet our needs {now this isn't the first time, nor the last that I'm sure we will do this and find that God has met our needs}. So we discussed what we each needed to find and went on our merry mission ::

:: We encountered many other friends and they were amazed out our piles of clothes/shoes that we were gathering. We were just as amazed! ::
:: I arrived at the swap meet with $59 dollars in my pocket and a zip lock bag full of dimes, nickels and pennies. I spent $5 on the entrance fee, so I'm left with $54 in my pocket {and my cents}. I owed Lisa some money roughly $9 and so when she was out of money she borrowed some of mine, I knew I still had a $10 bill in my wallet, plus my lovely {humbling} bag of cents. So I offered my cash to her, and I gladly paid back my debt ::
:: The morning continued on and we both continued to find the specific things we had asked for, and we were finding them for GREAT deals in AMAZING shape! We felt so blessed. When I went back in my wallet to buy probably my last purchase for $7 - I found a $20 bill instead of a $10 bill. Now, I know I had pulled out 2 $20 bills, and I had the $4 change in my pocket, so where the heck did that extra $20 come from. Now lovelies - it is a rare thing for me to have cash let alone an extra $20 bill! ::
:: However, I welcomed it and continued to be blessed over and above. I know that I was shopping with Lisa, but I also felt like God was right there with us guiding our paths and saving exactly what we needed until we got to it! What provision I felt! ::
:: So all in all for $54 {or less} dollars this is what I went home with ::
1 pair of snow boots for Jacob
1 pair of rubber boots for Jacob
1 pair of slip on OldNavy shoes for Jacob {never been worn}
1 pair of BusterBrown boots for Cole
4 pairs of pants for Jacob {OldNavy & Gap}
4 pairs of pants for Cole {OldNavy & Gap}
2 dress shirts for Jacob
2 sweaters for Jacob
1 long sleeved tee for Jacob
1 pair of P.J.'s for Cole
2 pairs of P.J.'s for Jacob
1 pair of HotPaws mittens for Jacob
1 pair of winter wool socks for Jacob

Almost all of these items are from stores that I usually can't afford {or don't want to afford} to shop in so I make due at the cheaper stores, but when I can get all of this in incredible shape for such a small amount of money, how can I go wrong & how can I not acknowledge that God is showing His faithfulness through this small tangible act?!!? ::

:: So blessed, I am, so blessed! ::

:: I'd love to hear from you any provision stories you have as of late, it's such an encouragement to me! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Y'all -- We're off to pre-school and running errands for Women's Wednesday Christmas event! ::


Crystal said...

I love this story:)

Anonymous said...

Where was the kid swap held? and when is the next one?

Laura said...

Wow, that's a TON of stuff!! God is good, and cares so much for the little things as well as the big stuff!
Thanks for the encouragement and gentle reminder to invite God in to each circumstance we face. Even shopping! :)

Amanda said...

That is AWESOME!!

Char said...

I always love a bargain! I am a total swap meet stalker. My moto: Why pay full price when you can wait and get it for cheaper?

Anonymous said...

Lynda Stevenson here. Me too. I seriously cannot understand why people aren't interested in coming to the swap with me, and would rather pay full price for clothing/baby items. No comprendo! I can't for the life of me even give away a crib.

Kristin Erickson said...

God does really provide. He just really does. Awesome.

Matt said...

Matt B here, Hey Hey! You and Lisa did so well on Sat. I'm so thankful you two do these things together. I just can't give Lisa the same reactions you girls give each other. (ex. See my attempt at the beginning for some enthusiasm - not too good eh)
I need you to take Lisa out and she loves the girl time. Awe, we both need you.

SheenaConverse said...

This is awesome! Perhaps when my little one arrives I can join you lovely ladies and you can show me the 'ropes'. I also looove a good deal! Good job, looks like you got such super cute stuff!!

Laura said...

Yep... great story, great deals, GREAT God!

Nadine said...

Wow, that's some great shopping! I love a good bargin, especially when you're not going to use that for a long time or when it's something you really need but just can't afford.

God does work in the most special ways!

Shawna said...

Anonymous: The kid swap was on the Cloverdale fair grounds, just google kid swap meet in your area and you'll be able to find quite a few I'm sure!

Shawna said...

Linda: Thanks for commenting for the VERY first time :)

Shawna said...

Matt - we're good together, we know how to get the job done, that's for sure! Thanks for your support and enthusiasm :P

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