:: Pioneer Woman - In the flesh ::

:: Hey Y'all, I know, I know...I'm way behind on my "birthday" contest from earlier this weekend, but that's for good reason, kinda. More on that later! ::
:: Right now, I wanted to tell you that if you follow Ree aka: The Pioneer Woman - as I do, you'll be interested to know that she'll be on the Bonny Hunt show tomorrow ::

:: She's blogged about it here - but I'm sure we'll get more juicy details tomorrow as the show airs. So if your tomorrow is expected to be rainy, like mine is, you may just want to tune into the Bonny Hunt show. This is actually a show that I quite enjoy watching, she's decent. Not over the moon good, but I LOVE her guests, ah, hello, REE is going to be on her show! And she has GREAT topics. Clean, concise and to the point {so not me!} ::

:: Happy watching and tune in tomorrow morning to find out who won the contest...I know who you are and you're going to be very happy! ::


Christy said...

It had better be me or....well, I don't know what I'll do but it won't be pretty :P
I might just have to watch that tomorrow.

Meg Baxter said...

gah! I watch her show every day and tomorrow I happen to have a visitor coming at 1:30 - argh. I guess I'll have to read about it on the blog. :(

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