:: The WINNER! ::

:: Well, y'all are pretty good guessers, I celebrated my 3 year blog birthday last weekend! I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started this crazy thing! It's so much fun and like I've said to so many - it's free therapy, really it is! ::

:: I wanted to give you, my loyal lovelies a chance to win a fabulous gift, just for the heck of it! So I received 17 entries, yes, only 17 --- I had aprox. 113 people visit the blog on Thursday then 134 visit on Friday and still I only had 17 enter! ::

:: So I ask, why come visit and leave no comment...no strings attached, nothing to loose, so why no comment? I have crazy amounts of traffic on this blog, friends, some close - some not so close and some that I don't even know {like my loyal reader from North Vancouver - I'd love to know who you are!}, that read my blog, and yet don't comment. I don't quite understand that, of course I understand wanting to snoop into some one's life and find out what they do & how they do it, heck that's why I like reading blogs, however if I find something that I love I give the courtesy of leaving a comment, so why no comment? If any of you could enlighten me, I would love to hear your opinion...you can email me directly by clicking my "email me" tab on my side bar or just leave a comment :) ::

:: Enough of that, on to the fun stuff! I was up to my eyeballs in shopping/cleaning/sorting clothes Saturday, so I delayed pulling a name until Sunday night. And here is how it went:

:: No, no, no -- that's not Sardh..that's just my poor penmanship! It's SARAH, Sarah darling, you won the $75 gift certificate to BeautiControl!!! I'm SO excited for you! I'll mail you the catalogue and you can get shopping! Congratulations & Happy shopping! ::

:: Have a beautiful Monday and I'll be back here for more about my shopping extravaganza and a post about provision on Tuesday morning - until then lovelies, thanks for celebrating with me! ::

:: XO, *S ::


Carrie said...

Hey Shawna, I don't comment often because I am usually reading through the blog roll in spare minutes through out the day...so I don't always have time to say hello! Your blog is always a fun read & I enjoy hearing about how your life is going & what you are up too :)

Cathy said...

Way to go Sarah!! Woot!

Laura said...

Oh shoot... I was away for the weekend and am just reading this now!! Next time :) Happy Blog Birthday to you! :)

Sarah said...

oOOOHOHOHOH! I'm so excited!
It pays to leave comments people!!

Nadine said...

I totally understand your thoughts about comments. I have this same wonder, which I just blogged about. HAHA!

I read your blog through blog reader (thank you for that tip by the way) and sometimes don't have the time to come over and comment. I read it on my phone and always have the intentions of coming back to comment but sometimes - most times forget!

I love reading your blog! Great prize!!

Anita Grace said...

oh the 'no comment' saga. It happens to me too! Although I keep our blog private, I still get up to 60 hits a day & typically not a single commet! haha, I think people would rather we don't know how much they really enjoy peeking in on our lives. Also, often for me at least, it's a convenience thing & I am a big user of google reader & usually barely have time to read the blogs I like, let alone trying to make sure I comment on them all.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I always thought of a blog as a way to pour out thoughts, ideas, etc. in a way sort of like a journal. It's public, yes, but do you post as a creative release (whether people read it or not!)or do you post to get praise and recognition through comments? It seems to me your lack of comments has "urked" you in some way, so much that you postponed your winner post to gather more entries? I'm sure many of the said counted visits on Friday and Saturday were your 17 contestants waiting and checking for the results that were said to be posted earlier? Just my thoughts...

Shawna said...

Anonymous: I would love to address this comment personally -- If you would email me directly I will email you my thoughts.

Rachel said...

Lazy...purely lazy!

Sarah said...

It always amazes me how people will comment negatively on any blog and hide behind the anonymous name. Clearly anonymous doesn't know Shawna at all, because if you did, you would know that she is not digging for praise and recognition.
Man up, put a name to your comment.

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Sarah's comment about the "anonymous" comment left yesterday. If you have something to say at least put your face to your comment, if you feel that strongly you should be able to stand behind your words.

As for Shawna, I know she doesn't blog for any of us, it's for her, and for a memory book for her family. That's it. She's a woman of God and get's her praise and self worth through HIM, not us and how many comments we give her over any post.

That's my two cents!

Evie said...

Hey! I'm one of your "silent" readers...I stumbled across your blog through the blog of friends of mine, and got hooked! Plus, I used to attend your church several years ago, so recognized you from your pictures! :)
Love reading your inpirational stories and your photography makes everything even better. :) Keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

I didn't post a comment when I visited because it was AFTER the deadline and I was too bummed to comment and say that I had missed it :( So here I am saying it now because I dropped by today!
Congrats Sarah on winning!

Shawna said...

Sarah & Lisa, thanks for your words -- I think anonymous just needs to know me in real life...maybe that would help?

Sarah, I'm bringing by the product guide for you tomorrow.

Evie - welcome to my blog, so glad you drop by...I'll be by to say hi on your blog too! Love your name by the way, I have an Auntie named Evie too and she's just too sweet, I bet you're nothing less either!

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