:: Bigger then my Dilemma ::

:: This is a call for prayer for a sweet blogger "friend" {using that term very loosely} - I've followed McKmama for a couple years now and walked through her struggles and joys in marriage, kids, babes and just life ::

:: With that said, McKmama's family needs your prayers right now. If you have read before, Stellan is her youngest child, and he has SVT, he will be celebrating his first birthday tomorrow, of which the doctors NEVER thought he would make it to! ::

:: Stellan went into a severe state of SVT on Monday night and has had to be intubated and sidated to try and control the SVT. As well as a neck line to insert his medications into his system and more closely to his heart ::

:: Please take a moment to pray for this family - specifically McKmama, her husband, Dr.B and of course Stellan - It sure makes me appreciate that I was getting up to deal with my kids who wanted to come and join me in my bed last night, not sitting beside my son's hospital bed wondering about the what-if's of my son's condition! ::

:: God you are a great God and can overcome any sickness on earth - I pray that you'll be with all those families right now that are facing the great unknown ::

:: You can go here to see McKmama's twitter updates ::


susan said...

Praying with you.

Rishana said...

thanks for the update Shawna, I too will be praying

SheenaConverse said...

We'll be praying!

Nadine said...

I've been following this family too. Totally praying for this little guy.

Laura said...

I've been reading her blog for months now too... and how can you not fall in love with sweet little Stellan? It breaks my heart to see him hooked up to the hospital machines again. Praying for a good report as we keep supporting this wonderful family.

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