:: Here we go again ::

:: Tomorrow is the first day of school for us, it's Cole's turn this time...ohhh, this Mama's heart is going to break, I'm sure! Sending my "baby" off to school, it can't be this time already!?!?! He and I had a little cry about it today, I was tearing up and the sweet little guy did too, did this Mama's heart good ;) ::

:: JJ's first day is Friday, this is going to be a great year for him and yet I'm sad that this is his last year in preschool. It'll be so good for him and yet I can't believe that he's 4 and seems so grown up! ::

:: So that's what we're up to today, preparing to get these boy off to school in proper fashion! Hope y'all are having a great afternoon and getting into the whole school thing again! ::

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Lisa B. said...

Can't wait to hear all about Coley's first big day!!!
So fun, for him and his mama ;-)

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