:: Port Townsend 2010 ::

:: We had a fabulous weekend {HA!} in Port Townsend, WA...It took a long time to get there. We had a lot of fun, but oh, we had a ton of trouble! ::

:: I'll leave you the pictures, they speak a thousand words, but remember - pictures don't even give you a good view of what problems we had! {I'll be back with more on that story and how God took care of us later...ugh, it was a crazy weekend!}::

:: We enjoyed lots of walks ::

:: The ferry ride, there and back ::

:: Treats ::

:: Seashore ::

:: and of course lounging around the motor home! ::

:: Hope you're having a great weekend...I'll be back soon with more on our trip! ::


Christy said...

We heard you little predicament.....our last trip of the season wasn't without it's hang-ups either :)

Tawn said...

loved this post ...love looking at pics of such a fantastic family :-). xx

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