:: I'm Here, really I am! ::

:: Hey there Girls! I'm here, I really am, I'm just busy with the everyday stuff ::

:: This next week is jam packed with good things, but I may not be around these parts much. I will of course be writing an update tomorrow on The Bachelor and I'm still working out the details on my thoughts from my mineral make-up debate..so look forward to that sometime this week ::

:: You may also find I have a ASAQD and if you don't know what that is then you just haven't lived!!! {just kidding!} ::

:: Happy Bachelor Monday Ya'll and make sure to praise God for the great things He has done for Harper, she is doing amazingly well! ::

:: Oh and just in case you haven't heard, we're supposed to be getting snow tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing it again so tonight you will find me, watching The Bachelor, Ironing & waiting for the snowfall ::


jamiedelaine said...

YES! My lifegroup was cancelled tonight and I almost forgot about the Bachelor Mondays!!! I'm totally watching it tonight. :)

Shawna Blog fan said...


This is more music related..(I love music)

1) Which song describes you?

2) If your life were a movie what would the soundtrack be?

4)Which song did you and Paul dance to on your wedding day? Why did you choose that song (something about the lyrics..etc)?

hmmm... I think that is it for now. :D

I cannot believe you are excited about getting snow!! I am dreading it. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER!!! :P

Laura said...

I was totally thinking about you last night while watching the Bachelor and I'm anxiously awaiting your review!! :) I'll comment on it then...

Kristin said...

Hey busy lady!!!

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